Darrell Holbrook Chalk Hill Winemaker 720

Darrell Holbrook


Born and raised in Sonoma County, Darrell Holbrook spent his childhood among the vineyards. By age 12, Darrell often accompanied his father to his job at Lytton Springs Winery, now Ridge Vineyards, driving tractors and helping where he could.

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about bill foley

Bill Foley


Proprietor Bill Foley acquired the iconic Chalk Hill Estate in 2010. Bill and his wife Carol’s passion and love of Burgundian varietals made Chalk Hill an intriguing venture. In addition to his role as vintner, Bill Foley is the Chairman, CEO and Governor of the National Hockey League’s 31st franchise, the Vegas Golden Knights.

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Courtney 2nd generation vintner 720

Courtney Foley

2nd Generation Vintner

Courtney Foley is 2nd Generation Vintner for Chalk Hill Winery, with a deep respect for the property and a keen understanding of its diverse and stunning vineyards.

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